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This eight issue limited series explores previously between and behind the scene events during the early days of The Avengers. Avengers:EMH #1 picks up after shortly after Avengers #1. Although Avengers:EMH #1 covers the period up to Avengers #4, none of the battles with Loki, SpacePhantom, or Sub-Mariner are directly depicted.


  • Sequence II (Hulk battles the Avengers astride a train) takes place in Avengers #3, Pg. 12.

New Information Contained in This Issue

  • In this issue, Henry Pym is shown to have received a much more severe beating from the Hulk and Sub-Mariner in their battle in Avengers #3. (Although, the Sub-Mariner is never depicted or mentioned).
  • In this issue, Henry Pym's insecurities and rage with his romantic partner Janet van Dyne are shown. Previously, these qualities were not manifested until his later breakdown in Avengers #59. Much later, Pym first shows uncontrollable rage previously to Janet in Avengers #161 and eventually once physically abused her on a later occasion Avengers #213.
  • Although it has always been a logical assumption, in this issue, Iron Man is shown vouching for the Hulk's character to government officials to help the team become officially sanctioned. He regrets this action almost immediately when the Hulk goes on a rampage.
  • In Avengers #280 the Hulk devours a hearty, meaty meal. In this issues' depiction of the Avengers charter meeting, only tea and crumpets are served.


  • The Avengers first appeared in Avengers V1 #1 September 1963.

See Also

  • Avengers #280 contains flashbacks, previously unseen to that date, to other post Avengers #1 events including the team’s first meeting with Jarvis and the drafting of the charter and by laws.
  • FOOM issues 6 and 7 released 1974 containing an interview with Edwin Jarvis. This is the basis for the flashbacks in #280.

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