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New Information From This Issue

  • In this series, Zemo invades the mansion while the Avengers are away and kidnaps Rick Jones. In Avengers #15, during a regular meeting of the Avengers, Zemo pulls Rick skyward with a tractor beam into his fast moving and heavily armed air ship and escapes.
    • In Avengers #15, this subsequent meeting of the Avengers takes place when Captain America reported spotting The Enchantress and The Executioner in New York City. In this series, Cap will report this information next issue to the team after Rick has been abducted.
  • Hawkeye attacked Iron Man originally between Avengers #12 and Avengers #13. In order to mesh with new information revealed in this issue, Hawkeye's latest attack of Iron Man must be pushed back to an earlier date.


  • Sequence I (Hawkeye's rescue of Edwin Jarvis and his mother) takes place prior to Avengers #13 and after Tales of Suspense #64. This does not fit into a neat timeline, so readers can assume that some of these adventures were originally detailed out of sequence.
  • Sequence II (The Avengers battle Count Nefaria) takes place during Avengers #13.
  • The Wasp's injury and subsequent precarious recovery occurs at the end of Avengers #13 and is the primary plot of Avengers #14.


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