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After Kevin Masterson (Earth-982) has been kidnapped via teleportation, American Dream (Earth-982) asked Stinger to help locate Kevin. However, Stinger asked Franklin Richards (Earth-982) for an energeticist to back track the source of the teleportation. The energeticist turns out to be Katherine Power (Earth-982).

While Katherine tries to study the energy, Nova and the Earth Sentry tries to intercept a UFO heading for Earth.

Meanwhile, Sabreclaw, a former enemy who the American Dream (Earth-982) allowed to stay at Avengers Compound was being questioned by J2 and Spider-Girl (Earth-982) which ended in a tussle with Sabreclaw apparently winning the fight.

The UFO landed in front of Avengers Compound, and it turns out that the occupant is Thena (Earth-982), apparently the daughter of Thor (Earth-982). Thena was immediately attacked by Nova and the Sentry who were trying to catch it. Sabreclaw trying to help the Avengers, was unfortunately attacked by Nova and the Earth Sentry. Spider-Girl tried to talk to Thena but Thena refused to recognize her since she was not in costume, and attacked Spider-Girl. J2 tried to help Spider-Girl but Thena attacked J2 with her hammer which broke when it hit J2. Thena angered by the destruction of her hammer, a gift from her father, Thor, began summoning a thunderstorm but before it could be unleashed, Katherine Power used her powers to incapacitate Thena and stopping the storm.

Thena, in her arrogance, explained that she came to Earth to get Kevin Masterson in order help rebuild Asgard. American Dream explained to her that he was kidnapped by Ulik

Meanwhile, Bluestreak and Edwin Jarvis (Earth-982), after conducting an inventory of Avengers Compound after the attack by Ulik (Earth-982), found out that during the attack, the head of Ultron (Earth-982) was stolen and is now in the hands of Ulik and Sylene.


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