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  • By undisclosed means, Ultron was capable of creating a portal in time and space and animating the adversarial Black Knight "statue". Although only ever referred to in this issue as a mysterious "metal hand", the greater arm's design is undeniably recognizable as his. It could be further speculated that the technology used is that of Immortus, obtained by the restored robot via his occasional ally, Eric_Williams_(Earth-616). The Reaper could possibly have retained such devices through his own former partnering with the time lord's lackey, the Space Phantom circa Avengers #102. This is entirely plausible scenario given that both Ultron-8 and Grim Reaper will both press the own individual campaigns against the Avengers shortly after this issue (Avengers #160 and Avengers #161, respectively)[1].

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  1. page 5, panels 3 through 8

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