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  • All the Avengers appeared last in Avengers #18 where they battled the Commissar.
  • A brief origin of the Swordsman and Hawkeye is given in this issue.
  • Although there is a Captain America story in Tales of Suspense #68, it is a flashback story from World War II.
  • This is the first appearance of the original Swordsman.
  • The Hydra's last appearance, and their recounting of events involving Nick Fury joining SHIELD and his battles against HYDRA occurred in Strange Tales #135 and 136.
  • The letter Hydra finds was the that Captain America mailed to Nick Fury back in Avengers #15.
  • Hydra is next seen in Strange Tales #137.
  • The Avengers and the Swordsman are seen next in Avengers #20.
  • The Swordsman's Sword is a normal weapon this issue. Next issue, the Mandarin will transform it with his alien technology to emit numberous rays and projectiles.
  • Credits:
    • If you like this swashbuckling fantasy thriller as much as we expect you to, the credit goes to:
    • Stan Lee, Writer
    • Don Heck, Artist
    • Dick Ayers, Inker
    • But if you're iconoclastic enough not to like it, we'll try to pin the blame on poor, innocent Artie Simek, Letterer


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