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  • Anthony Stark's Moon Vehicle

Synopsis for "The Space Phantom"

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  • Since the last issue of the Avengers, Ant Man and Wasp battled the Porcupine in Tales to Astonish #48, and the Living Eraser in Tales to Astonish #49, in which Ant Man takes on his guise as Giant Man.
  • Since the last issue, Iron Man went on to battle the Crimson Dynamo in Tales of Suspense #46, and the Melter in Tales of Suspense #47.
  • Thor went on to battle the Lava Man in Journey into Mystery #97, and the Cobra in Journey into Mystery #98
  • The Hulk did not have a title of his own, and did not appear in anything after Avengers #1, additionally this is his last issue as a member of the Avengers team.
  • This marks the first appearance of the Space Phantom. He next appears in Avengers #106.
  • The Limbo that Space Phantom shunts his victims into is later revealed as the same place that is home to Immortus. Space Phantom's entire race is revealed to be trapped in limbo, and Space Phantom himself an agent of Immortus.
  • Hulk continues to appear in the following issue of the Avengers, and the other members continue to appear in solo adventures in their regular titles until they next team up in Avengers #3.
  • This story is Job # X-435.
  • Iron Man will appear next in Tales of Suspense 48, where he will change into the Mark 3 armor against Mr. Doll.
  • Thor will appear next in Journey into Mystery 99 where he will have his first battle against Mr. Hyde.
  • Ant-Man/Giant-Man and the Wasp will appear next in Tales to Astonish 50 where the two will battle long-time foe Whirlwind (or in this case the Human Top).
  • references: Tales to Astonish #49


  • The Hulk has only three toes in this issue. He normally has five.
  • Rick Jones mistakenly says that The Hulk's secret identity is Don Blake instead of Bruce Banner.
  • The Hulk eventually rejoins the Avengers in Avengers Assemble Vol. 2 #2
  • "Some Assembly Required" Story from Avengers Classic #1 explains how and when the Avengers got their headquarters.

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