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Synopsis for "The Bitter Taste of Defeat!"

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  • The Avengers last appeared in Fantastic Four Annual #3 where they defended the Richards wedding from an army of super-villains that were manipulated by Dr. Doom into crashing the reception.
  • Hawkeye, Quicksilver, and Scarlet Witch made a brief cameo apperance in Journey Into Mystery #120, where Thor journeyed to Avengers Mansion seeking aid only to find the new members whom he wasn't familiar with.
  • This is the first appearance of Erik Josten, who took on the mantel of Power Man at this time.
  • Although there is a Captain America story in Tales of Suspense #70. It is a flashback tale from World War II.
  • The Enchantress was last seen in Fantastic Four Annual #3 where she was manipulated by Dr. Doom into crashing the Richards wedding, she was defeated by a number of New York's heroes who were attending the wedding.
  • Josten's recounting the end of his employment with Baron Zemo refers to Zemo's death (and the destruction of his base in South America) at the hand of Captain America back in Avengers #15.
  • References to the Zemo's creation of Wonder Man are a reference to Avengers #9. The device the is used on Josten to turn him into Power Man was the same device that turn Simon Williams into Wonder Man.
  • The Avengers, Power Man, and Enchantress are all seen again in Avengers #22.
  • Credits:
    • Written with the Usual Stan Lee Madness!
    • Drawn with the Usual Don Heck Magnificence!
    • Inked with the Usual Wally Wood Magic!
    • Lettered with the Usual Artie Simek Mistakes!

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