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Synopsis for "The Road Back"

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  • The Avengers, Power Man, and Enchantress were all seen last issue. This story is a continuation of the story that started in Avengers #21.
  • Although there is a Captain America story in Tales of Suspense #71, it is a flashback story from World War II.
  • The Circus of Crime (AKA the Masters of Menace) were last seen in Amazing Spider-Man #22. In that issue, their art heist (led by the Clown) was foiled by Spider-Man and they were thrown in prison.
  • The reference to Iron Man's whereabouts is to his battle against the Mad Thinker and his Awesome Android in Tales of Suspense #72.
  • The reference to Thor's whereabouts is referring to his battle against the Absorbing Man in Journey into Mystery #122.
  • The mention of Giant-Man and Wasp's whereabouts being a mystery is referring to the fact that Giant-Man and Wasp have not regularly appeared in Tales to Astonish because their half of the title has been replaced with stories featuring the Sub-Mariner beginning in Tales to Astonish #70.
  • Following their defeat at the hands of Hawkeye, Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver, the Circus of Crime are next seen in Mighty Thor #145 where they attempt to recruit Thor into their circus.
  • Power Man is next seen in Avengers #29 where he, the Black Widow (Natasha Romanoff) and Swordsman team up against the Avengers.
  • Enchantress is next seen in Avengers #38 where she manipulates Hercules into battling the Avengers.
  • All the Avengers appear next in Avengers #23 as the events in that issue directly follow the conclusion to this one.
  • Credits:
    • Star-Studded Story by....Stan Lee!
    • Peerless Pencilling by....Don Heck!
    • Dazzling Delineation by....Wally Wood!
    • Lonesome Lettering by....Artie Simek!

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