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Synopsis for "Once an Avenger..."

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  • All the Avengers appeared in last issue, Avengers #22, where they concluded their battle against Power Man and Enchantress. Cap had left the team, he would come to their rescue and rejoin at this issues end.
  • While there is a Captain America story that features all the members of the Avengers in Tales of Suspense #72, chronologically it appears it occurs after Avengers #25.
  • Kang was last seen in Fantastic Four Annual #3 where he was manipulated by Dr. Doom into crashing the Richards wedding, he was defeated by a number of New Yorks heroes who were attending the reception.
  • This is Ravonna's first appearance.
  • In an editor's note, "Smiley" admits the creative team lost track of when the Recreater device was last used by Iron Man. It is possible it was a non-Avengers issue or it was confused with another device, such as the image projector used in issues 3 and 12.
  • Stan Lee gives an annotated apology to Omar Khayyam, who was a Persian poet/mathematician/philosopher/astronomer, historically famous by his poetic Quatrains. The words spoken by Kang is possibly a variation, or liberally translated verse from one of Khayyam's quotes or poems, altered to fit Kang's insults being hurled at Quicksilver. This is alluded to in a footnote.
  • The Avengers, Kang, and Ravonna are all seen next in Avengers #24.
  • Credits:
    • A Blend of the Finest Story, Art, and Fantasy...Picked at the Peak of Marvel Flavor by...
    • Stan Lee, Rollickin' Writer!
    • Don Heck, Prancin' Penciller!
    • John Romita, Dazzlin' Delineator!
    • Sherigail, Liltin' Letterer!
    • ...Let Simmer for Five Minutes, the Read with Gusto!


  • The Heavyweight Champion of the World in 1965 was disputed due to a technicality, but was universally held to be Muhammed Ali (then Cassius Clay). "The Champ" in this issue is caucasian. Clay/Ali is African American. One would assume that Captain America would box "Heavyweight" as he meets the weight requirement (200 lbs. and over).

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