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  • Credits:
    • Created by the Pride of Marvel's Bullpen:
    • Stan Lee, Writer! Don Heck, Penciller!
    • Dick Ayers, Inker! Sam Rosen, Letterer!
    • ...For You, The Pride of Marvel's Fandom!
  • references: Avengers #24 and Tales of Suspense #57


  • Hawkeye is mistakenly depicted with a glove(s) on his hand(s) on the cover of this issue.
  • Oddly enough, Dr. Doom's plan would've never worked, even if the Avengers stayed, because he played his part as a peaceful leader so well, the the U.S. didn't want to be aggressive against a foreign nation without reason, which is unlike the doctor, since he's the type to work out all the angles.

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