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  • Avengers car

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  • Captain America, Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, Hawkeye, Wasp and Goliath were all seen last issue battling the Collector and Beetle.
  • When attempting to seek medial aid for Goliath, the Avengers attempt to contact Donald Blake (at this point in time the Avengers were not aware that Donald Blake was the civilian guise for fellow Avengers, Thor) but he was out of town. The footnote by Stan Lee mentions that Thor is busy in Thor 128. In Thor 128, Thor is in Asgard recovering from his battle against Hercules until he is well enough to battle the Greek God again and ends up caught up in a plot by Pluto to make Hercules the ruler of Hades.
  • Black Widow was last seen in Tales of Suspense 64 where she and Hawkeye battled Iron Man, they were defeated and Black Widow was taken back behind the "Iron Curtain."
  • The Swordsman was last seen in Avengers 20 where he was recruited by the Mandarin to infiltrate and destroy the Avengers, this plot of course failed.
  • Power Man was last seen in Avengers 22 where he was used by the Enchantress in a plot to defeat and discredit the Avengers. This plot was foiled of course.
  • The Swordsman mentions that the Mandarin added extra functions to his sword. This was done in Avengers 20.
  • Captain America is next seen in Tales of Suspense 77.
  • Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, Hawkeye, Wasp, and Goliath are next seen in Avengers 30.
  • Black Widow, Power Man, and the Swordsman are also seen in Avengers 30.
  • Credits:
    • Savage Script by: Stan Lee!
    • Powerful Pencilling by: Don Heck!
    • Explosive Embellishment by: Frank Giacoia!
    • Lethargic Lettering by: Sam Rosen!
  • references: Thor #129 and Avengers #20 (x2)


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