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  • Final chapter of the Operation Galactic Storm event.
  • A group of Avengers, seeking vengeance on the Supreme Intelligence for the destruction of his own people break away from the main group and seemingly kill him. This team is made up of Sersi, Thor, Iron Man, Vision, Wonder Man, Hercules, and Black Knight, who makes the "killing" blow with his photon sword.
  • Later revealed in Avengers: Forever Vol 1 8 that due to subtle mental manipulation of the life-sustaining "neural net" of Tony Stark's cyber-interface, Immortus was able to influence Iron Man's decision to "pull rank" as the only Founder present and sanction the course of lethal retaliation against the Supreme Intelligence. This event also serves as precedent to Stark acting as Immortus's pawn in The Crossing.
  • The Shi'ar Empire takes control of the Kree Empire.
  • This issue is reprinted in comics and books, see references for more info.[1]


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  1. This issue is reprinted in the following comics/TPB's:


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