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Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • AIM
  • giant AIM robot
  • giant underground creature
  • Molans (First appearance)

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GET MAD! This is what you’ve been waiting for! The return of legendary artist Joe Madureira (X-Men, Battle Chasers) and fan-favorite Spidey writer Zeb Wells in a brand new, highly anticipated, monthly Spider-series that teams the wall-crawler up with some of the greatest heroes in the Marvel Universe. In our first issue, Spider-Man and Red Hulk take on a Moloid army during the New York Marathon! Stay safe until November because you’ll want to be here!


  • Released with a special code allowing the buyer to receive a free digital comic of the copy. To prevent people from just taking the code, it was released sealed in a plastic bag with a yellow sheet of paper to help prevent people from reading the code through the back cover.


Takes place between Avengers Vol. 4 #18 and Avengers Vol. 4 #19.

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