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-- Azrael

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Synopsis for "Book One: Simple Sacrifices"Edit

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  • This is a Battle for the Cowl crossover; based on events seen in this issue, it seems to take place simultaneously with the first issue. Nightwing is not yet aware of Jason Todd's whereabouts, and they watch the W:C:DC:Bat-SignalBat-Signal appear with R.I.P. written on it.[2]
  • This issue establishes several facts about Michael Lane's origins. He is twenty-seven years old, and his parents were Mitchell Lane and Barbara Lane. He graduated from East End High School with a football scholarship to Gotham University, where he played for the Nighthawks. His scholarship was revoked during his sophomore year after he beat his coach unconscious. Enlisting in the marines, he married Chantes Cole, and they had one child, Henry Mitchell. During the Iraq War, he served two tours with the first Marine. Following this, he joined the GCPD as a uniformed patrolman and began walking a beat in his old neighborhood in the East End. His son was hit by a car and killed at the age of three and his wife committed suicide several years later. His siblings Marion Lane and Gwendolyn Lane were murdered by a satanic cult, which finally broke him, and he was released from the GCPD with a full pension. This was apparently a cover-up, and he was instead placed in Simon Hurt's replacement Batman program.


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