Let Him Who is Without Sin

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Let Him Who is Without Sin
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Quote1 Kneel before the seven deadly sins and accept your role as the eighth sin of man. It is a role you are uniquely suited for. You have been a fervent follower of this sin your entire life, Michael Lane. Accept your destiny now as the eighth sinner. And serve as willing host to the last, long unknown sin of man... the eighth deadly sin of faith! Quote2
-- Daystar

Let Him Who is Without Sin is an Azrael storyline written by Fabian Nicieza and illustrated by Ramon Bachs. It's the conclusion to Nicieza's work on the Azrael series following his earlier storyline Angel in the Dark. David Hine takes over following this story with his first arc The Killer of Saints.


The Order of Purity sends Azrael to Paris when the La Saligia cult begins killing victims again. Ra's al Ghul sends the White Ghost to contact Azrael as his emissary, telling him that he must earn the Suit of Sorrows if he wants to keep it. He must rid the sorrow from the suit and become empowered by its stolen souls instead of burdened by them, dying and becoming reborn in the process. Tracking down Saligia he's attacked by Amon, Daystar, Fly Lord and Tanimin in a church. They tell him that he is destined to become host of the resurrected Eighth Deadly Sin, which is the sin of "faith."[1] Saligia indoctrinate Azrael into their order, giving him the name Ermine as the living embodiment of the black void of pure faith. White Ghost tries to bring him back to sanity but Saligia defeats him, and Paratino helps the Ghost chase them down to Vatican City. They arrive just in time to stop Azrael from murdering the Pope and Ghost argues him to rationality by defending faith as an ideal. Azrael realizes he won't know the truth about his origins until he talks to Ra's al Ghul, and he helps White Ghost murder the entire Saligia cult. White Ghost tells him before leaving that he will come to believe in Ra's al Ghul above all else, but Azrael insists that the tenets of Christian faith are too important to him.[2]



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