The Eighth Deadly Sin

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The Eighth Deadly Sin
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Quote1 I respect you, Batman, but I won't be judged by you. That's reserved for a higher power. Quote2
-- Azrael

The Eighth Deadly Sin is an Azrael storyline written by Fabian Nicieza and illustrated by Jim Calafiore and Tom Mandrake. It's published as a two-part crossover in 2009 between the Batman Annual with Batman and Detective Comics Annual with the Question. This is Nicieza's second storyline with Michael Lane as Azrael, following his debut in the Battle for the Cowl tie-in Death's Dark Knight which is reprinted in the same collected edition. Following this, Nicieza begins his ongoing Azrael series with the debut Angel in the Dark storyline.


When a priest is found murdered and a grave desecrated, Harvey Bullock and Josie Mac begin an investigation into Gotham's second wealthiest family the Cantons. Batman and Robin get involved when it's revealed that a villain named Amon is kidnapping children of the elite, and Robin poses as the Canton child with police cooperation. They use Robin as bait to stage an ambush, but Azrael interrupts also on the trail of Amon and Amon escapes with Robin. Batman hunts Azrael down by interrogating Order of Purity members Adrian Paratino and Garret Day, and they agree to team up. Elsewhere it's revealed that Amon is part of a cult named La Saligia representing the seven deadly sins, and they plan to to sacrifice the "children of the seven shrouders of sin" to restore something they call the eighth deadly sin.[1] The Question is brought in to help deal with brainwashed members of the Saligia cult. Robin escapes his captors, making them unable to open the tomb of the eighth sinner. Azrael jumps in and they fight the villains back-to-back, then Robin rescues the children while Azrael goes after his targets. Finished with their battle, the heroes converge and Batman reprimands Azrael for abandoning the children to chase villains and chopping off someone's hand. Azrael insists that only God can judge him and vanishes into the night, while the Question congratulates Grayson that Gotham is lucky to have him as their new Batman.[2]



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