Baba Looey
Quick Draw McGraw character
Baba Looey 001
Baba Looey
First appearance "Scary Prairie"
Voiced by Daws Butler
Neil Ross
("Wake, Rattle, and Roll")
Nickname(s) Baba Boy
Baba Lewis
Aliases The Whippersnapper
Species Burro
Gender Male
Occupation Deputy

Baba Looey is a fictional anthropomorphic Mexican burro that appeared in The Quick Draw McGraw Show. He is deputy and best friend to Sheriff Quick Draw McGraw. He was voiced by Daws Butler.


Baba Looey is Quick Draw McGraw's sidekick. He is brown, has long ears, wears a sombrero, and speaks with a thick Mexican accent. He is often seen hanging around with Quick Draw and helps him catch bad guys.

Baba Looey is often portrayed as the more thoughtful half of the duo. At times realizing some detail about a given situation, Baba Looey tries desperately to caution Quick Draw of a trap or other danger, before Quick Draw charges headlong into the fray without listening or giving consideration to his surroundings.

Popular culture

  • Gary Dell'Abate, the executive producer of The Howard Stern Show, received his nickname from his mispronunciation of Baba Looey's name. On July 26, 1990, Gary mistakenly called Baba Looey "Baba Booey" during a discussion of original cartoon cels, saying that "Baba Booey is my favorite character".
  • In the Daria episode "Lane Miserables", Trent asks the title character, "Why did Quick Draw McGraw hang around with that freaky little mule?"
  • The name is a parody of "Babalu", a traditional Cuban song made popular in the United States by Desi Arnaz.

Other appearances

  • In an episode of The Brady Bunch, Marcia can be seen watching Baba Looey and Quick Draw McGraw on TV.
  • Baba Looey, along with Quick Draw McGraw, makes an appearance in the Samurai Jack episode "The Good, the Bad, and the Beautiful".
  • Baba Looey made a brief cameo in a MetLife commercial in 2012.

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