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Synopsis for the 1st Story

At a dock on the Hudson River, Bloodmoon and the Kindred torture a chained Backlash while they hold Jodi hostage.  They have extracted Gen-Factor from Backlash’s blood, but they soon learn it has mutated and so become useless.  Bloodmoon stabs Backlash and orders him to lure the rest of Team 7 to them or else they will kill Jodi.  They leave him, and he takes the opportunity to break free, dropping into the water and unlocking his chains.  The Kindred discover Jodi carries Gen-Factor as well and that hers is usable.  No longer needing Backlash, Bloodmoon orders Kamin to go kill him.  Backlash jumps Kamin and causes him to tumble into a junction box, electrocuting him. The Kindred come to investigate, and Backlash challenges Bloodmoon to a one-on-one fight.  The stress of seeing her father in danger triggers the Gen-Factor in Jodi’s blood, activating her superhuman powers, and she lashes out at the other Kindred at super-speed.  Disgusted with the Kindred’s bloodlust, Dingo turns on them and aids Jodi.  Juiced with Gen-Factor, Bloodmoon is about to kill Backlash when Dingo shoots him.  Claiming he got what he came for, the wounded Bloodmoon teleports away with the other Kindred.  Dingo apologizes for trapping Backlash, Backlash thanks him for saving Jodi, and they part ways amicably.


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