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Synopsis for the 1st Story

Taboo bids farewell to Cyberjack as he takes off in his jet for Gamorra.  Before he leaves, he lets her know a friend will be stopping by to pick up a package.  Afterward, she tries to comfort Backlash who is depressed over the death of his ex-girlfriend, Diane LaSalle.  They almost have a romantic moment, but Jodi accidentally interrupts, and Backlash takes off alone.  Jack arrives in Gamorra and is met by his old friend, scientist Makoto Ogura.  Ogura takes Jack to an underground facility where he has developed new technology based on Jack’s designs, including a regeneration process that could help Jack walk again.  Ogura’s boss, Gamorran dictator Kaizen Gamorra, enters with Deathtrap and Hellslayer of the Mercs and tells Jack he is still under contract.  Jack refuses to work for Kaizen so the dictator has a Hunter-Killer attack him.  Jack reprograms it to kill Kaizen, but Deathtrap and Hellslayer stop it.  Jack then puts a gun to Kaizen’s head, but Ogura knocks him out. Back in Colorado, Jodi and Taboo are watching TV when there is a knock at the door.  Taboo answers it, and their visitor is Grifter.  He is the friend of Jack’s there to pick up his package.

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