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Appearing in the 1st Story

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Other Characters:

  • Sparky (First appearance)




Synopsis for the 1st Story

Taboo and Jodi chat with Grifter as he installs his package from Jack, a special turbine, in his motorcycle.  Suspicious of Grifter, Taboo warns that Jodi’s father will be back soon.  Upon learning her father is Backlash, Grifter leaves. In a nearby town, Backlash is drinking at a bar when a local thug named Beck enters and harasses him.  Backlash easily fights off Beck’s friends, but Beck morphs into a green, super-strong monster and attacks.  Grifter rides into town and sees people fleeing the bar just as Beck and Backlash’s fight spills into the street.  Despite his dislike of Backlash, Grifter takes on Beck, giving Backlash time to regroup.  Beck chases Grifter onto a side street and throws his guns through the window of a nearby house. While Grifter retrieves them, Backlash reengages Beck.  Beck pins him against a telephone pole so Grifter shoots the power lines above, severing them.  They fall onto Beck and electrocute him.  Grifter tells Backlash to move on from Diane’s death and go be with Jodi then rides away on his motorcycle.  In Gamorra, Cyberjack wakes up to Deathtrap standing over him.  Frantically, he grabs a gun and shoots, but he discovers “Deathtrap” was merely an android impostor.  Jack is even more stunned to learn he can walk again and his face has healed.  Kaizen Gamorra enters and explains that he surgically repaired Jack’s body with cybernetic implants.  Kaizen then declares Jack has projects to finish under his contract.

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