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Synopsis for the 1st Story

Backlash, Jodi, and Taboo secretly visit StormWatch scientist Link Adams at his Montana ranch so he can examine Backlash’s altered powers.  He takes them to his underground lab and starts putting Backlash through a battery of tests.  In the skies above, a StormWatch team led by Battalion deploys from their jet, intent on arresting Backlash.  In the kitchen, Jodi tries to get Taboo to admit her feelings for Backlash over a game of chess.  Taboo opens up as she makes a sandwich but then turns to find Jodi gone and Hellstrike facing her.  She shifts into her armored form and attacks.  Hellstrike retaliates by blasting her through a wall.  Below, Backlash reveals his alien heritage, and Link says that explains a lot. Link theorizes that Backlash’s recent collapse was caused by his alien physiology purging the Gen-Factor from his system, and that is why his psionic whips appear differently.  The alarm sounds, and Backlash is about to go find Jodi and Taboo when StormWatch bursts in with Jodi captive.

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