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Synopsis for the 1st Story

Battalion angrily tells Backlash he is under arrest for betraying StormWatch by working with International Operations.  He agrees to surrender if they let Jodi go, but Battalion refuses.  Inside, Taboo takes mental control of Hellstrike and walks him out. Backlash and Jodi free themselves, and he blasts a hole in Fuji’s containment suit.  Battalion orders Fuji to leave while Jodi breaks Cannon’s nose. She, Backlash, and Taboo then flee into Link’s subterranean complex.  Backlash orders them to find StormWatch’s jet while he holds the team off.  He subdues Fahrenheit and Cannon then faces off against Battalion. Meanwhile, Taboo disguises herself, knocks out a Stormforce trooper, and commandeers the jet.  Battalion relates how he found Diane LaSalle’s journal while boxing up her things and that it revealed Backlash was an IO mole within StormWatch. The team then tracked him to Link’s lab. Infuriated, Backlash claims he quit IO because he came to see StormWatch as his family and knocks out Battalion. Just as Hellstrike arrives, Link tells Backlash to leave.  Later, Backlash lands the hijacked StormWatch jet in Utah and drops off Taboo and Jodi so he can meet up with Deathblow.  Taboo calls Cyberjack to come pick them up but gets a voice recording from Jack saying he has found a new job.  Suspicious, Taboo tells Jodi they are going to Gamorra to find him.


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