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Appearing in the 1st Story

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Katherine Taylor (First appearance)
  • Sherylynn Taylor (First appearance)




Synopsis for the 1st Story

Taboo finds Backlash brooding over Cyberjack’s death and the revelation that the assassin Aries is his son.  She tries to comfort him, and he kisses her.  Inside, Jodi is watching them with satisfaction when the doorbell rings.  She answers it and is met by two men in suits who want to speak with Taboo.  Taboo comes to the door just as one of them inadvertently reveals they are Brawl and Homicide of the Chasers.  Taboo panics and slams the door, and Brawl orders the Chasers to move in.  Homicide blasts through the door as Recoil approaches the house from behind, but Backlash subdues her.  While Taboo takes Jodi to the sub-basement, Backlash shuts off the power and fights Homicide.  Homicide gains the upper hand, but Gaze telepathically knocks him out before he can shoot Backlash.  Gaze tells Backlash the Chasers are there to make an offer.  The power comes back on, and Jodi and Taboo attack Brawl to little effect.  He explains the team is there to offer Taboo a deal and lets Jodi have a letter offering Taboo a pardon in exchange for testifying against the financial backers of the Cabal.  At her base in Nevada, Lilitu learns of the offer and dispatches three assassins to kill Taboo before she can testify.  After they leave, she reveals to Zalil that she intends for the assassins to fail and merely test Backlash and Taboo.  In Dayton, Ohio, aspiring rapper Quentin Taylor returns home late from a concert.  After enduring a lecture from his mother, he goes to his room and sees a bright light outside his window.  Shortly thereafter, his sister enters only to find he has vanished.

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