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Appearing in the 1st Story

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

Other Characters:

  • Fox Mulder (Cameo)
  • Dana Scully (Cameo)
  • Boogie (First appearance)
  • Sherylynn Taylor
  • Percival Tiller (First appearance)




Synopsis for the 1st Story

As Backlash drops Jodi off at boarding school, she accuses him of abandoning her.  To help reassure her, he gives her a ring he got from his father, and they reconcile.  Elsewhere, Taboo is out shopping with Denise and Janine, and they gossip about her relationship with Backlash.  Giovanni calls with a mission for Taboo, and they return to Department PSI.  He briefs her and Backlash on the case of Quentin Taylor, a young man from Dayton, Ohio who has returned home physically altered after going missing for two weeks.  Giovanni dispatches them to investigate, and, upon their arrival, Taylor’s mother recounts Quentin’s disappearance and reappearance.  She introduces him, explaining how he returned with a superhumanly muscular physique and a strange mark on his back.  Angry and standoffish, Quentin refuses to go to PSI for testing.  Suddenly, he has a vision of green creatures talking to him, and he lashes out.  Taboo moves to subdue him, but he knocks her through a wall.  Realizing that he has scared his mother, he flies off.  Intent on leaving the state, Quentin later meets with a friend atop a building downtown.  Soon, however, he deduces it is a trap and attacks Backlash and Taboo once they appear.  After his friend is nearly killed in the fight, he agrees to go with Backlash and undergo training in the use of his powers.  In Washington state, Dingo tracks a rogue Kindred through the forest.


  • The FBI agents Backlash and Taboo briefly encounter outside the Taylor home are Fox Mulder and Dana Scully from the U.S. television show The X-Files.

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