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Synopsis for the 1st Story

Wounded, Emp stumbles down a hallway and tries to call the WildC.A.T.s for help, but Pike catches up with him.  Taboo soon follows and attacks Pike.  Meanwhile, the Savage Dragon tells S’Ryn he is under arrest.  S’Ryn defiantly dismisses human law so the Dragon smashes his head into the floor.  Backlash thanks the Dragon for his help, but he says Backlash is under arrest, too.  Pike injures Taboo and is about to kill Emp when Void teleports in with Zealot.  Zealot battles Pike to a standstill, and Taboo grabs him from behind.  To escape, he impales himself and Taboo with Zealot’s sword, hits Zealot, and stumbles away.  Backlash explains his vendetta against S’Ryn to the Dragon, but the Dragon does not care and handcuffs him.  Backlash uses his powers to free himself, and he and the Dragon fight.  Cyberjack finds Emp and Void tending to Taboo.  Despite her injuries, Taboo insists on going to help Backlash.  S’Ryn regroups and prepares to fire an energy blast at Backlash and the Dragon, but Cyberjack arrives with the others and stops him.  Zealot enters and drops a defeated Pike to the floor.  Enraged, S’Ryn blasts her in the back.  Backlash and the Dragon stop fighting as S’Ryn has Pike toss a special fusion grenade at them.  Void is unable to teleport them to safety, and the grenade detonates, exploding the entire building.


  • This issue includes a pin-up of Backlash and Taboo by Pop Mhan and Chuck Gibson.

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