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Appearing in the 1st Story

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:




  • Scroll of Displacement (Destroyed in this issue)


Synopsis for the 1st Story

With the D’rahn awakened, Azrum and Taboo tell Backlash they should flee, but he refuses. Haroth pledges his loyalty to the aliens’ leader Typhon and reveals that, while they were imprisoned, the D’rahn homeworld was destroyed.  Incredulous, Typhon backhands Haroth and flies off.  Backlash, Azrum, and Taboo run, and Typhon’s second-in-command Pildra sends two D’rahn after them.  Typhon rockets toward space, punching right through a PSI reconnaissance jet on his way. Monitoring the situation, Giovanni decides to contact the U.S. President.  Typhon reaches the edge of space, scans the sky for the D’rahn homeworld’s star, and finds it missing.  Back in Atlantis, Pildra scorns Haroth’s lust for power and is about to kill him when Typhon returns and stops her.  He believes Haroth can be useful as a guide to modern Earth and has Pildra take control of the wizard’s mind.  Backlash’s group meets up with Gramalkin, Dingo, and Omni with one of the D’rahn right behind them.  Omni takes on the alien alone and gets beaten severely.  When the D’rahn seemingly kills Backlash, Taboo pummels the alien, and Azrum fells him with an energy blast.  Backlash rematerializes from his gaseous state just before Syth, the second D’rahn, enters and attacks.  Typhon arrives with Pildra and Haroth and calls Syth off.  Declaring it is time to leave, Typhon has Haroth sink Atlantis once again.  Backlash and the others try to run for the beach as the sea floods the island.  In the sky above, Typhon orders Haroth to destroy the Scroll of Displacement, and Atlantis vanishes beneath the waves.

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