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Synopsis for the 1st Story

A Department PSI squadron finds Backlash and the survivors of the expedition against the D’rahn clinging to debris floating in the sea above Atlantis.  Omni is critically injured, and Backlash blames himself for the failure of the mission.  After they return to PSI headquarters, Giovanni wants Backlash to personally brief the U.S. President on the D’rahn threat, but he refuses and convinces Taboo to go in his stead.  Backlash then visits Jodi and tells her what happened.  She wants to help, but he tells her to stay put.  He tries to contact Emp of the WildC.A.T.s for more information on the D’rahn but cannot get through.  So, he takes Azrum to their base at the Halo Corporation in New York. They infiltrate the building, sneak past Maul and Warblade, and try to access the Halo computer network.  Zealot catches them and attacks.  Backlash tries to explain why he is there, but she refuses to listen.  They fight to a draw just as the rest of the team enters.  Backlash briefs the WildC.A.T.s on the D’rahn and his own Kherubim background.  Grifter is dubious, but Spartan and Zealot confirm his story.  Backlash’s next step is to find Ferrian, the Kherubim who smuggled him out of Atlantis when he was young and purportedly the only one to beat a D’rahn in single combat.  Ferrian was last seen in Africa, and Zealot decides to help Backlash recruit him.

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