Banzai Battalion

Real Name
Banzai Battalion
Mrs Fitzenheimer
Base Of Operations

Pest control
First appearance
Last appearance

2000 AD prog 1135
2000 AD prog 1506


Banzai Battalion are Captain Bug Stomper's élite special forces unit, the toughest, most disciplined squad of professional soldiers you could ever hope to have the privilege of fighting alongside. They never give up, they never back down, they can always be relied on to get the job done by whatever means necessary, and honour is their watchword.

Unfortunately, they're also only an inch or so tall, being basically pest control robots whose primary responsibility is dealing with unwanted insects. But they have never let their shortcomings get in the way of their dedication to duty. Mrs Fitzenheimer's garden will never be unprotected so long as the Banzais are on patrol.

Members Include

  • Captain Bug Stomper ("he's a legend in pest control")
  • The Sarge (Bug Stomper's number two)
  • Flambo (the only female squad member)
  • Able
  • Baker
  • Charlie
  • Big D
Character Powers and Equipment



Lots of them. Especially Flambo.

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Banzai Battalion first appeared in the Judge Dredd stories Banzai Battalion in 2000 AD progs 1135 to 1137 (1999, drawn by Henry Flint) and No Man's Land in progs 1183 to 1185 (2000, drawn by Cam Kennedy) before graduating to their own series for The Fitz (drawn by Ian Gibson) in progs 1257 to 1262 (2001), Save the Fitz (with Gibson again) in prog 2003 (the 2002 Christmas edition) and Robot Wars (drawn by Steve Roberts) in progs 1501 to 1506 (2006). The first four stories were collected into trade paperback by Rebellion in 2005. The series is an obvious parody of traditional British war comics, with the Banzais being basically ineffectual against anything larger than a wasp, but never doubting their ability to defeat any enemy, and always somehow winning through in the end.


Bug Stomper appears to have romantic feelings for Flambo, which she doesn't understand at all.

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