Quote1 ... 'Cause women and trouble go together... and I'm a peace-lovin' man! Quote2
-- Bat Lash

Appearing in "Bat Lash... We're A-comin' Ta Get You!"Edit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Sarry Lou


  • A gang of bandits (Single appearance)[1]

Other Characters:

  • Brother Sebastian (Only appearance; dies)[1]
  • Brother Sebastian's niece
  • Dr. Cyrus Virus
  • Sheriff of Wormhole



  • None


Synopsis for "Bat Lash... We're A-comin' Ta Get You!"Edit

A lynch mob gathers outside of the No Hope Junction Sheriff's office demanding Bat Lash for his "misunderstaning with" the Sheriff. Lash is rescued by his paramour Sarry Lou and heads off for greener pastures.

Along the way, he encounters the monk Brother Sebastian who tells Lash he's searching for the lost fortune of Don Sergio Aragones and hopes to use it to educate Native American children. The key to the fortune's location lies in a gold cross that has been split into three pieces, each held by a different monk. Before the two men part, Lash steals Sebastian's pocket watch and proceeds to follow the clergyman after finding the watch broken.

Hearing gunfire, Bat Lash is felled by robbers who have murdered Brother Sebastian. The next morning, Lash rides to the nearby town of Wormhole where he encounters Sebastian's niece. Soon, Lash visits the local monastery, finding it populated by peculiar monks. Returning to town, Lash is arrested on the charge of murdering Brother Sebastian but soon escapes by holding Sebastian's niece hostage. Returning to the monastery, he learns of the bandits' plot to steal the hidden fortune once the final monk arrives.

Lash intercepts the final monk, filling him in on the danger ahead. The monk rides off to summon the sheriff while Bat Lash returns to the monastery disguised as the final monk. After demanding the other piece of the cross, Lash is instead ambushed by the leader of the bandits and sells his piece of the cross to him.

Attempting to ride away in disguise, Lash encounters the sheriff and his posse accompanying Sebastian's niece to the monastery. She reveals a third piece of the cross to Lash who offers to help the sheriff capture the bandits. The treasure is soon found and our hero rides off into the sunset.



  • Don Sergio Aragones is obviously named for Sergio Aragonés, the co-writer of this story.

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