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Batcave West was constructed as an alternate headquarters for Batman in California. Batman designed the structure with Helga Jace when the Outsiders moved to Los Angeles.[1]

Batman Incorporated

Access to Batcave West is through a secret passage in the dressing room of a shop selling specialist leather goods and fetishwear somewhere in San Francisco. The staff are aware that something is up but how much they know is uncertain.

Currently it is being used by Batman, Inc. as a secret base for operatives who are believed dead by Leviathan. This group, nicknamed the "Dead Heroes Club", plan to make a secret strike against ther enemies

Points of Interest

  • A Giant Fake Penny bearing a picture of Simon Stagg and the motto "In Stagg We Trust"
  • A diplay case of costumes of defeated foes, including "Dad" of the Nuclear Family, Maxie Zeus, and Hammer.
  • A conversation pit adjacent to a large fireplace in a lounge area.
  • Set of Japanese katanas
  • Case of masks, including one with an attached afro.


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