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  • Ace of Spades (Hallucination)
  • Jack of Spades (Hallucination)
  • King of Spades (Hallucination)
  • Queen of Spades (Hallucination)
  • Ten of Spades (Hallucination)

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Synopsis for "Unsinkable"Edit

Batgirl confronts her father, the Reaper's mysterious client. Cluemaster puts Batgirl into a coma with Black Mercy. When Batgirl awakens, she finds herself at her mother's hospital. At first, Crystal Brown appears to not realize Batgirl's identity, but after a heart warming conversation she tells Batgirl that she is proud of her. When Batgirl leaves the hospital room, she is greeted by a few fans waiting for her, and sees Robin waiting on a nearby building. Later, Oracle and Batgirl speak about the visions the mercy gave her. When asked if they were too boring, Batgirl gives a vague response, and a few pages from her dream are shown. These include an older Stephanie with a child who we can assume is her future son, and an older Stephanie as a Female NightWing working alongside what appears to be Nell Little as Batgirl.


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    Solicit Synopsis:
  • Stephanie Brown has done her best to put her past behind her, but as the Repears' mysterious client stands revealed, Batgirl's going to learn the hard way that those who fail history are doomed to repeat it. This issue has it all: Secrets unearthed! Alliances broken! Splash pages!


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