Batman: Digital Justice

Cover of Batman: Digital Justice one-shot. Art by Pepe Moreno.
Publication information
Publisher DC Comics
Format One-shot
Genre Superhero
Publication date February 1990
Number of issues 1
Main character(s) James Gordon
Creative team
Writer(s) Pepe Moreno
Doug Murray
Artist(s) Pepe Moreno
Bob Fingerman
Creator(s) Pepe Moreno
Editor(s) Denny O'Neil
Collected editions
Batman : Digital Justice ISBN 0-930289-87-0

Batman: Digital Justice is a graphic novel published by DC Comics in 1990 in both hardback and paperback forms. It was written and illustrated by Pepe Moreno entirely using computer hardware, software and techniques. The story takes place outside regular DC continuity, but is not an Elseworlds title.

Plot summary

The book is set in a future Gotham City "at the end of the next century," (the 21st) dominated by high technology, particularly computer networks and their human controllers, long after the original Batman has died. The story revolves around James Gordon, Gotham City Police Department detective and grandson of Commissioner James Gordon, who takes on the identity of the Batman to free the city from a sentient computer virus crafted by the Joker, also now long dead, and to avenge the death of his partner Lena Schwartz. He is aided by a self-aware computer called the Batcomp, programmed by the late Bruce Wayne, and a robot called Alfred (after Wayne's also deceased butler Alfred Pennyworth), both residing in the Batcave under a now long-abandoned Wayne Manor. Joining Gordon in his new crusade against crime and the city's corrupt government are a teenage street-punk informant, who becomes the new Robin; and a female pop music superstar named Sheila Romero (stage name Gata), who becomes the new Catwoman and, while being his adversary at first, eventually becomes Gordon's lover and ally.


  • James Gordon, aka Batman.
  • Lena Schwartz.
  • Robert Chang, aka Robin.
  • Harold Grover.
  • Paul Fahmy, aka Know Man.
  • Sheila Romero, aka Gata/Catwoman.
  • Maria Romero, aka Madam X.
  • Luke Krater, aka Law Man.
  • Hiroshi Basho, aka Mob Lord.
  • Jackie Becker, aka Media Man.

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