This hardcover Batman collection is the second volume to collect the Batman stories illustrated by Jim Aparo, after Legends of the Dark Knight: Jim Aparo Vol 1. It contains the Jim Aparo illustrated stories that were published in Brave and the Bold from December, 1975 to June, 1979 and two Jim Aparo illustrated stories that were published in Detective Comics in November 1973, and January, 1974.


This collection reprints stories from the following comic book issues:

(How to Make a Super-Hero! from December, 1975)
(Small War of the Super Rifles from January, 1976)
(Streets of Poison from March, 1976)
(What Lurks Below Buoy 13 from April, 1976)
(Dead Man's Quadrangle from June, 1976)
(Death by the Ounce from July, 1976)
(The Claws of the Emperor Eagle from September, 1976)
(Death at Rainbow's End from October, 1976)
(Take 7 Steps to... Wipe-Out! from December, 1976)
(Batman--Dragon Slayer? from February, 1977)
(Another Kind of Justice! from April, 1977)
(Demolishment! from May, 1977)
(More Than Human! from July, 1977)
(Legacy of the Doomed! from September, 1977)
(Mile High Tombstone! from November, 1977)
(Requiem for a Top Cop! from January, 1978)
(Dastardly Events Aboard The Hellship! from March, 1978)
(Pay - or Die! from May, 1978)
(Enigma of the Death-Ship! from July, 1978)
(Cast the First Stone from September, 1978)
(The Arrow of Eternity from November, 1978)
(A Choice of Dooms! from December, 1978)
(Death-Scream from the Sky! from February, 1979)
(The Night the Mob Stole Xmas! from March, 1979)
(Look Homeward, Runaway! from April, 1979)
(Today Gotham... Tomorrow the World! from May, 1979)
(Disco of Death from June, 1979)
(Deathmask from November, 1973)
(A Monster Walks Wayne Manor from January, 1974)


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