Quote1 Speaking of double first, I thought you might be Wayne. Then I saw you in action. No way you could be that preening, hypocritical, womanizing sack of ego. Wayne probably thinks raising an eyebrow is hard labor. If he were a little smarter, he'd have the IQ of moss. Quote2
-- Green Arrow

Appearing in "The Arrow and the Bat, Part 2: Safed"Edit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Minister Skave
  • Prince Yully
  • Master Haim
  • General Zho (Death)
  • Rent-a-Punks

Other Characters:




Synopsis for "The Arrow and the Bat, Part 2: Safed"Edit

The story begins with Batman trying to have a conversation with the Green Arrow in a Gotham hotel. Green Arrow thinks Batman is a threat and begins to fight him. Batman merely deflects all of his throws until he actually hears people of the roof. Green Arrow refuses to be quiet and continues to attack Batman. Batman manages to stop Queen and pushes him onto the floor.

The door bursts open with several low level thugs. The heroes finally begin to work together. Batman tells Green Arrow where and when to meet him tonight. Wayne then jumps out the window through the window to pursue an escaping thug. Batman easily catches the henchman and begins to interrogate him.

That night, Batman and Green Arrow meet just where they were supposed to. Batman tells Green Arrow that his secret identity, Oliver Queen, has accidentally been selling corrosive acid in Queen Industries. The thugs were hired by someone angry about Queen's buisiness. Batman tells Queen to be Green Arrow permanently until they find the henchmen's leader.

In the Batcave, Alfred is suprised to find Wayne home so early. Wayne is on the batcomputer trying to research a murder victim who might be tied to Oliver Queen's attempted assassination. As it turns out, this Richard Henkey visited a tiny country called Dhabar a week before his death.

In Dhabar, the leader of the country is talking to his general. A young boy is playing "Tiddlywinks" next to him. The leader asks how General Zho wasn't able to kill Oliver Queen like requested. Zho appologizes but says he managed to kill Henkey like he was asked. Suddenly, a man bursts through the door and tells the leader, now identified as Minister Skave, that Vicki Vale is here to talk to him.

Vicki Vale enter the rooms and thanks Minister Skave for allowing her to come. Skave is polite to her and he introduces the young boy, Prince Yully. Skave answers Vale's question before she asks it: Why is Yully the prince? Skave and his people believe that the boy is the reincarnation of the original Yully.

The prince stops his game of Tiddlywinks and tells General Zho he will be "safed." Zho, relieved that the prince forgives him, leaves the room and goes outside. Outside, Zho is struck by a falling safe, killing him. He was,...safed.

In Gotham, Batman talks with Green Arrow about Zho's death. This can't be a coincidence because Green Arrow had a run in with Zho not so long ago. Wayne tells Queen that they are going to Dhabar to investigate.

In Dhabar, Skave talks to his new assassin, Master Haim. Haim is a rugged villian who guarentees Oliver Queen's death.


  • Collected in Batman: The Ring, The Arrow And The Bat.


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