Quote1 I have heard of your famed insolence, Joker. It will not be tolerated here. Quote2
-- Ra's al Ghul

Appearing in "The Demon Laughs, Part One: Exit Screaming"Edit

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Other Characters:

  • Doctor Zoransky




  • Submarine

Synopsis for "The Demon Laughs, Part One: Exit Screaming"Edit

Joker is transferred out of Arkham Asylum by a Dr. Argyle. As it turns out, Argyle is actually Talia, Ra's Al Ghul's daughter. She takes Joker to see her father Ra's Al Ghul Batman sneaks into Arkham Asylum and takes a look at Joker's cell for clues. Joker runs away from Al Ghul and manages to kill a number of his men. Joker finds his way to Al Ghul's Lazarus pit and is about to take a dip, when Al Ghul appears and puts a sword to Joker's throat. Al Ghul tells Joker that he wants the clown's cooperation in a plan to kill Batman.


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