Quote1 Until next time... Batman. Adieu! Quote2
-- The Cavalier

Appearing in "Blades (Part II of III)"Edit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Ellen
  • Melvin Ameche




Synopsis for "Blades (Part II of III)"Edit

Batman continues searching for serial killer Mister Lime. He prevents Lime from assassinating veteran actor Melvin Ameche.

The Cavalier poses as a hero, but is actually a thief working for Randolph Salt. After stealing several expensive items, his true identity is discovered by Batman. Batman tries chasing him down in his Whirly-Bat, but the Cavalier throws a knife at it, forcing it to the ground. Batman is injured, and the Cavalier uses the opportunity to escape.


  • Jim Gordon is still a Captain with GCPD in this story, indicating that it takes place during Batman's "Year Two" period.


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