Quote1 You've been very naughty. I want you to go back and give yourself up to Batman...! Quote2
-- Bat-Mite

Appearing in "Legend of the Dark Mite"Edit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Bob Overdog
  • Petite Pete
  • Stone

Other Characters:




Synopsis for "Legend of the Dark Mite"Edit

Batman interrogates insane drug user Bob Overdog at Arkham Asylum. Overdog pleads innocent of killing his confederates, blaming the incident on a diminutive elf called Bat-Mite. Batman disbelieves his story, suspecting that everything Overdog claims to have seen was nothing more than the effects of abundant drug use.


  • First Post-Crisis appearance of Bat-Mite. The legitimacy of his appearance in this issue is unverified as his appearance could just as likely be explained as the effects of Bob Overdog's psychotropic drug visions.


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