This paperback collects the Batman: Long Shadows storyline, which was originally published in the comic book series Batman from August to December, 2009. The story is written by Judd Winick. The illustrations are by Ed Benes and Mark Bagley.

With Bruce Wayne gone in the wake of Batman R.I.P., Dick Grayson — formerly known as both Robin and Nightwing — becomes the new Batman in this story. It's not long before the city's criminals put him to the test. With the Penguin intent on becoming Gotham's new crime kingpin and Two-Face waging a war of his own, it won't be easy for any hero, let alone one who's just stepped into his role, to stop them, especially since Dick Grayson also has to round up a posse of escaped Arkham Asylum inmates.


This paperback collects the following comic books:


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