Quote1 The citizens are in despair. I have tasted their dark thoughts. They need me to free them from their emotional bondage. They need the bliss only I can bring! Quote2
-- Narcosis

Appearing in "The Blank Generation, Part Two: A Favorable Wind"Edit

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  • Burt (Death)
  • Karno (Death)

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Synopsis for "The Blank Generation, Part Two: A Favorable Wind"Edit

The Mad Hatter offers his help to Narcosis to bliss-out Gotham City if in return Narcosis would hand over his shroud to Hatter. Narcosis agreed and they went to the place where they would start releasing the dream gas to all the city.

Batman is looking for Narcosis to prevent him from claiming more victims to his dream gas. Batman asked Oracle for help and references of possible locations where Narcosis could be. After Batman made sure that Narcosis wasn't in his bed at Gotham's Hospital ruins, he followed a lead given by Oracle.

James Nairin and all the people at the quake shelter were planning to have a party for the good news about Wayne Enterprises would help them to stay in the city and start their own business. A few moments later, Lucius Fox joined them and they all shared a good time, wondering why Bruce Wayne wasn't there.

When The Mad Hatter and Narcosis arrived at a chemical plant, they break in to take the chemicals needed to create Narcosis' dream gas. Hatter was impressed by Narcosis idea of poisoning the city and he told Narcosis that they could demand a ransom to the city so they don't release the gas. Narcosis refused as his only idea was to bring "bliss to the suffering people" without any reward. Hatter didn't like the idea and betrayed Narcosis by telling his henchmen to attack the man. When Narcosis was down, Hatter took his shroud from him, revealing his scarred face. Batman arrived at the plant but it was a liitle late as the gas was already spreading from the plant's chimney. Batman destroyed the chimney with a missile and then headed to stop the criminals behind it all. Oracle called the police and told them to use a helicopter to try and disperse the already released gas. Batman found Hatter and Narcosis and the two criminals attacked him, but Batman managed to knock Narcosis and Tetch's henchmen. Hatter fired his gun towards Batman but the dark knight dodged it and the bullet hit a butane gas tank causing a big explosion that killed Narcosis along with the Hatter's henchmen.

The helicopter used fuel vapor and a flare gun to burn the dispersed dream gas creating a colorful cloud in the sky. The people of Gotham saw it as a sign of good fortune for the future. Batman recovered from the impact and knocked The Mad Hatter unconscious.


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This issue is a part of the Cataclysm crossover that swept through all Batman Family Titles during 1998. Gotham City was almost completely destroyed by a massive earthquake. This story led into the events that would eventually create No Man's Land.

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