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Strange Apparitions deals with a number of elements coming to a head at one point in Batman's life. A new villain appears in Gotham City, Doctor Phosphorus, who terrorizes the town by contaminating the water supply. He also blackmails the city council (whom he had previously held ties to), demanding that they remove Batman from his path. This political pressure is fronted by Rupert Thorne, local corrupt boss. Along with the two new ones, an older, forgotten Batman foe appears, the nefarious Hugo Strange, who both discovers Bruce Wayne's identity, and usurps it. Batman also comes into conflict with Deadshot and The Joker. All of this is made much more complicated by Wayne's introduction to Silver St. Cloud, a local socialite who just might be the first person to truly penetrate his emotional barriers.


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Publication History

Batman: Strange Apparitions is the name retroactively given to creators Steve Englehart and Marshall Rogers' fan-favorite run on Detective Comics. Steve Englehart actually only worked on Detective Comics #469-#476, and Marshall Rogers #471-479, but in collected works all of the issues are encompassed into the title. Englehart worked on his first two issues with artist Walt Simonson, and Rogers finished off underneath writer Len Wein.
The two creators would actually come together again in 2005 to work on their own miniseries, "Batman: Dark Detective."

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