This paperback collects the earliest Ra's al Ghul stories from 1971 to 1980. Ra's al Ghul has proven through the years to be one of Batman's most formidable adversaries. All of these stories were written by Dennis O'Neil.


This trade paperback reprints stories from the following comic book issues:

(Into the Den of the Death-Dealers! from May, 1971)
(Daughter of the Demon from June, 1971)
(Swamp Sinister from September, 1971)
(Vengeance for a Dead Man! from March, 1972)
(Bruce Wayne -- Rest in Peace! from June, 1972)
(The Lazarus Pit! from August, 1972)
(The Demon Lives Again! from September, 1972)
(I Now Pronounce You Batman and Wife! from June, 1978)
(The Vengeance Vow! from September, 1979)
(Where Strike the Assassins from April, 1980)
(Requiem for a Martyr! from May, 1980)


  • This paperback includes an afterword by John Wells under the title Saga of the Demon's Head.
  • Some prints of this paperback contain an introduction by Sam Hamm.


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