This hardcover is the second collection to reprint all Batman stories from the issues of Batman, in chronological order. This second collection reprints stories from March to December, 1941.


This hardcover collects stories from the following comic books:

  • The Riddle of the Missing Card
  • Book of Enchantment
  • The Case of the Honest Crook
  • Crime Does Not Pay
  • Murder on Parole
  • The Clock Maker
  • The Secret of the Iron Jungle
  • Suicide Beat
  • Wanted: Practical Jokers
  • The Trouble Trap
  • The North Woods Mystery
  • The People vs. the Batman
  • Stone Walls Do Not a Prison Make
  • The Strange Case of Professor Radium
  • The Superstition Murders
  • The Cross-Country Crimes


  • No special notes.


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