This hardcover is the sixth collection to reprint all Batman stories from the issues of Batman, in chronological order. This sixth collection reprints stories from December, 1944 to October, 1945.


This hardcover collects stories from the following comic books:

  • Twenty-Ton Robbery!
  • The Adventures of Alfred: Recipe for Revenge
  • The Year 3000
  • Crime Comes to Lost Mesa
  • The Penguin's Apprentice
  • The Pearl of Peril
  • Voyage Into Villainy
  • A Christmas Peril!
  • Shadow City
  • The Great Handcuff King
  • Shirley Holmes, Policewoman
  • Batman Goes To Washington
  • Enemy No. 1
  • The Butler's Apprentice
  • Heroes By Proxy!
  • The Mails Go Through
  • Back To the Big House
  • While the City Sleeps
  • Alias the Baron
  • Ally Babble and the Fourteen Peeves
  • Punch and Judy
  • Alfred, Armchair Detective
  • Vanishing Village
  • Trade Marks of Crime


  • This collection includes an introduction by Edward E. Reed.


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