This paperback collects the Joker's Last Laugh storyline. This storyline originally was published in its own comic book series Joker: Last Laugh from December, 2001 and January, 2002. This story was written by Chuck Dixon and Scott Beatty. The illustrations are by Pete Woods, Marcos Martin, Andy Kuhn, Walter McDaniel, Ron Randall and Rick Burchett.

In this story The Joker learns that he is dying while he's deep in the heart of the Slab, the maximum security prison for super-powered criminals. Using the venom that transformed him into a pasty-faced sociopath, the Joker decides to share it with countless other super-villains, ensuring that his legacy of evil will live on. A prison break ensues and the Joker's army of super-powered followers escape to spread their insanity across the globe. Before Batman and his allies can put a stop to the madness, they'll have to contend with "jokerized" versions of their most deadly foes.


This paperback collects the following comic books:


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