This paperback collects the first part of the Batman: Under the Hood storyline. This part of the storyline originally was published from February to August, 2005 in the comic book series Batman. This story was written by Judd Winick, and illustrated by Doug Mahnke and Paul Lee.

In this story Batman is confronted with a hidden face from the past: the return of the Red Hood. With Black Mask controlling the Gotham underworld, what role will Red Hood have when all is said and done?


This paperback collects the following comic books:

  • Batman #635 (Under the Hood, Part One: New Business)
  • Batman #636 (Under the Hood, Part Two: First Strike)
  • Batman #637 (Under the Hood, Part Three: Overnight Deliveries)
  • Batman #638 (Under the Hood, Part Four: Bidding War)
  • Batman #639 (Family Reunion, Part One: The Word on the Street)
  • Batman #640 (Family Reunion, Part Two: While the Cat's Away)
  • Batman #641 (Family Reunion, Conclusion: Face to Face)



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