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Christopher Drake

Warner Home Video

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July 27, 2010

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  • Bruce Wayne / Batman - Bruce Greenwood
  • Jason Todd (Adult) / Red Hood - Jensen Ackles
  • Joker - John DiMaggio
  • Dick Grayson / Nightwing - Neil Patrick Harris
  • Ra's al Ghul - Jason Isaacs
  • Roman Sionis / Black Mask - Wade Williams
  • Jason Todd / Robin (young)- Alex Martella
  • Jason Todd / Robin (teen) -Vincent Martella
  • Alfred Pennyworth - Jim Piddock
  • Edward Nygma / The Riddler - Bruce Timm


  • Differences from Batman: Under the Hood
    • The cast that Nightwing wore on his right leg from when he was shot by police officers in the previous arc Batman: War Games is absent.
    • No references to other superheroes are made when Batman and Nightwing face against the special ablities that Amazo is using. In addition Superman, Zatara, Jason Blood, and Green Arrow's brief appearances are omitted.
    • Mr. Freeze's role as one of Black Mask's hired thugs is omitted.
    • When Red Hood throws the duffel bag with the disembodied heads on the table to the crime lords that work for Black Mask, the heads are not shown directly in the film, and are instead only implied.
    • In the same scene, the weapon Red Hood is holding has been changed from the comics version. While both the comics and film refer to the weapon as an AK-47, the weapon in the comics was visually a large, belt-fed machine gun similar to an M60. The weapon in this film much more closely resembles an AK.
    • The initial battle that Batman fights at the shipyard is changed to fighting three thugs in the film instead of several armed guerrillas as in the comics. Also, Nightwing joined in after Amazo was activated in the film instead of at the beginning of the fight against the guerrillas. Also for the film, one of the thugs identifies Nightwing as the original Robin (presumably for the sake of avoiding confusion with the audience members who aren't familiar with Nightwing's background).
    • The plastique used by Batman in the film blows up Amazo's head which finishes him off. In the comics, after the plastique is used to blind Amazo, Batman brings in the Batmobile by remote to fire a missile which knocks Amazo into the river.
    • Instead of Superboy-Prime's affecting of reality which helped caused Jason Todd's resurrection, the Lazarus Pit by itself is used for Jason's resurrection.
    • The Robin costume that Jason was killed in during the film is based on the second costume Tim Drake wore in the comics. The one seen in the earlier flashbacks in the film is the costume Jason wore in the comics.
    • James Gordon is the Police Commissioner during the timeline of the film instead of Michael Akins.


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