"The Purr-fect Crime"

Batman 1966 movie
Harvey2 Episode Title
"The Purr-fect Crime"
William Dozier, Howie Horwitz, William P. D'Angelo
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The episode includes a sequence where Batman chides Robin for not wearing his safety belt, during which he states that soon he'll be old enough to drive at which point he'll be allowed to drive the Batmobile. However in the first episode of the series, "Hi Diddle Riddle", Batman allows Robin to do just that. (And this is the first episode in which Robin is shown putting on a safety belt.)

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Character Actor
BatmanAdam West
RobinBurt Ward
Commissioner GordonNeil Hamilton
Chief O'HaraStafford Repp
AlfredAlan Napier
Aunt HarrietMadge Blake
CatwomanJulie Newmar

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