Quote1 "There's always time to heal", the doctor told me, but he was wrong. There was no time left. Not for me, not for him, and not for Gotham City. And as long as I remained trapped in Arkham, there was nothing I could do, except wait for the end and remember the beginning. Quote2


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  • This is the 28th episode to be produced and the 32nd to be aired.


  • This episode is based upon the comic storyline Batman: The Last Arkham, in which Batman is taken into Arkham Asylum believed to be truly insane. The story differs from this one on the main villain, who in the comics was Mr. Zsasz; and also on the doctor being Jeremiah Arkham. There is also a reference to Amydala; another character featured in the storyline.
  • In this episode it is stated that Joker's real name is Jack Napier; a direct reference to the 1989 Batman movie.
  • Loren Lester voiced the Joker during Batman's hallucinations of this episode; thus his laugh is different from other episodes.

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Character Actor
Batman/Bruce WayneKevin Conroy
Alfred PennyworthEfrem Zimbalist, Jr.
Doctor BartholomewRichard Dysart
Doctor WuTakayo Fischer
The Joker
Loren Lester
ScarecrowHenry Polic II
Spa Saboteur
Ron Taylor

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