"On Leather Wings"

Harvey2 Episode Title
"On Leather Wings"
Bruce Timm, Alan Burnett, Eric Radomski, Jean MacCurdy, Tom Ruegger
Quote1 I knew we've discovered a formula to create a totally new species, neither man nor bat. Once I started taking it, I couldn't stop. I desperately wanted to, but it took over. Quote2
--Dr. Kirk Langstrom


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  • First episode produced; second episode aired.

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Character Actor
Batman/Bruce Wayne
Police Blimp Pilot
Kevin Conroy
James GordonBob Hastings
Harvey Dent
Security Guard
Richard Moll
Mayor Hamilton HillLloyd Bochner
Detective Harvey BullockRobert Costanzo
Alfred Pennyworth
Police Blimp Radioman
Clive Revill
Doctor Kirk Langstrom/Man-BatMarc Singer
Doctor Robert MarchRene Auberjonois
Female Lab TechnicianPat Musick
Doctor Francine LangstromMeredith MacRae

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