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Bruce Timm, Alan Burnett, Eric Radomski, Jean MacCurdy, Tom Ruegger
Quote1.png This farce has gone far enough, Hackle! We've nailed the supects and recovered our money! The investigation is closed! Officer Montoya, I believe you've earned this collar. Quote2.png
--Commissioner Gordon


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  • This episode is the seventh produced and the thirteenth aired.
  • The episode's title stands for Point Of View as almost the entire episode is told by three differents points of view of the same events in a flashback fashion.

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Character Actor
Batman/Bruce Wayne Kevin Conroy
Commissioner James Gordon Bob Hastings
Detective Harvey Bullock Robert Costanzo
Officer Renee Montoya Ingrid Oliu
Wilkes Robby Benson
Hackle John Considine
Driller Ron Perlman
Scarface Marcelo Tubert

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